Friday, 4 May 2012

Saltaire Arts Trail

Unfortunately I wont be able to get over to Saltaire this weekend, which is a real shame because it's their annual art's trail and this year's events sound great. The arts trail is made up of open houses, exhibitions and a maker's fair in Victoria Hall. The maker's fair includes a HUGE range of arts and crafts delights, from jewellery, textiles and woodwork to bookbinding, print making and ceramics. A list of exhibitors is available here.


Hugh Leishman

It looks like there will be 14 open houses this year, a mixture of businesses and homes... a great excuse to potter around Saltaire and see art displayed in unusual places! A list of open houses is available here, and if you click on each venue then you can see who will be displaying their work.

Frances Brock

Miriam Trent

There are also family events throughout the weekend, my favourite sounding of which is "The Den Experiment", where you can build yourself a den. ‘The Den Experiment’ believe that making dens fires a child’s imagination and acts as an important part of their development. Come and help Chris and the team revive this exciting pastime, enjoyed by children for centuries, and construct a mini fairground village of candy-striped tents. Sounds FUN.

There are exhibitions and films a-plenty all going on as part of the trail, and for the first time this year there's an evening event WunderNacht which sounds really interesting...Inspired by the original 16th Century Cabinet of Curiosities, Saltaire Arts Trail will put a contemporary spin on the notion of a collection of the exotic and unusual. We’ll be celebrating and showcasing local artistic talent - musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers, animators, storytellers, photographers and illustrators.

The official website is here, with all the info you need on all that's going on.

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