Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Not On The High Street is an online store head-and-shoulders above etsy in its selectivity and therefore all-round quality of goods. They've managed to develop a really good reputation and conquer the "hip mum" and fashionista markets, making them less of a market-place and more of a real store. I LOVE etsy, and it's been great for selling my work, but I must admit that I sometimes despair about the amount of rubbish on there. I've been considering getting a shop-front with them, and was pleased to see that handmade seller Helen Entwistle AKA Memo has recently joined up. Her shop looks great, I love all the photos with simple little props...

Also on NOTHS is Sarah Fordham AKA Magasin, who'll be selling at handmade for the first time this May. I've been hounding Sarah to sell at handmade since I first started the fairs, and am thrilled that she can finally make a date. I love her cross-stitched wares (apart maybe from the really bad swears!), and I'm always excited to see her latest creations...follow her on facebook (she's just called Magasin) to see some of her latest work such as Skulls necklaces and those darn cuss-words I mentioned. Her NOTHS shop is here, and these are my favourite items from her store front...

Come along and see both Helen's and Sarah's work in person at Handmade in May, facebook event page here x x x x x

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