Monday, 31 October 2011

two for tea

In the first of many planned freebie giveaway type thingys, I have had an excellent idea. FREE CAKE. Yep, FREE CAKE! If you'd like to come along to the next handmade at the Brudenell then why not invite a friend, and in return I'll give you 2for1 tea and cake at the cake stall. Due to ridiculously low prices of £1.50 for a cup of tea with a cake, that'll make it £1.50 for TWO CUPS OF TEA and TWO CAKES.

All you have to do is "attend" the event on facebook, along with making a friend "attend" too, and leave a comment on the event wall with both of your names and I'll pop you on the 2for1 cake list.

The event page is here

And don't forget to come along to the super sized uni event on Tuesday 8th November too (NEXT TUESDAY EEK!), although the cake offer is just for the Brudenell!

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